Rebate Details

Selectivend Rebate Program

With the purchase of this vending machine, you can buy qualifying items online or In Club and receive a rebate. Only qualifying item numbers listed below will be honored. Simply send all product receipts within 6 months of receiving your vending machine, and you’ll get a dollar-for-dollar rebate for what you spent on those products (shipping, sales tax, and deposits are not included. If you purchase products online for a price that includes shipping the in club cost will be rebated in place of the online cost). Once all products have been vended, the machine practically pays for itself!*
· Please note: You can participate in the program without purchasing the total quantity listed in each step below and still get a dollar-for-dollar rebate. However, if you want to take full advantage of the program you must follow each of the steps below exactly as stated:

Step 1: Purchase a qualified Selectivend Combo Vending Machine online or by calling 800-323-8793.

Step 2: Purchase 25 cases of Gatorade, Propel Fitness Water or Tropicana brand juices (or a combination of the three) online or In Club. (Item # 209366, 200399, 36434, 385536, 643728, 103606, 103614, 826860, 826853, 980102281, 980013134, 242377, 135391, 341529, 385319, 385312 or 936393)
Vending 600 bottles of Gatorade, Propel or Tropicana for $1.50/ bottle = $900 vend value.

Step 3: Purchase 58 cases of Nestle Pure Life bottled water or Member’s Mark Purified Bottled Water
online or In Club. (Item # 353646, 753259, 980002151, 561914 or 923564)
Vending 2320 bottles of water for $1.00/bottle = $2320.00 vend value.

Step 4: Purchase 8 boxes each of item #340772 Lance Toast Chee Peanut Butter Crackers, item #340855 Lance Toasty Peanut Butter Crackers, item #342515 or #678395 Lance Crackers Variety Pack online or In Club for a total of 960 packages of crackers.
Vending 24 boxes of crackers for $.75/package = $720.00 vend value.

Step 5: Purchase 13 boxes of Snyder’s Mini Pretzels (item #980002024) online or In Club. Each box has 60 bags (780 bags total).
Vending 13 boxes of pretzels for $.75/bag = $585.00 vend value.

Step 6: Send all necessary documents listed below to the address below by mail, fax or email within 6 months of receiving the machine.

    • Sam’s Club receipts for the qualifying products.
    • Serial number of your qualified machine purchased from Sam’s Club
    • Mailing address to send your rebate check(s)

Step 7: Your receipts will be processed and check(s) will be mailed to you. You will receive your rebate check(s) via the mail to the address you provided in step 6.
Selectivend, Inc.
8040 University Blvd
Des Moines, IA 50325
Fax: 1-515-274-0390
Phone: 1-800-323-8793

Please note: Rebate can only be submitted once. Please hold your receipts until you’re ready to submit the rebate in its entirety. All products have to be purchased at Sam’s Club. If you have a question about eligible item numbers please call Selectivend at 1-800-323-8793
*Vend values are subject to change without notice at any time due to packaging changes


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