Combo Machines

We have the variety to satisfy your snack and drink needs with our combination vending machines.

5W Combo Elevator Vending Machine

The perfect place to grab lunch at the office or on the go, the 5W Combo Elevator gently dispenses prepackaged meals, sandwiches, salads, dairy, fresh fruit and beverages.

Selectivend Advantage Plus Combo

Combo snack drink vending machine with 9 drink selections and 20 snack selections. Vends popular snack and drink options including cans and bottles.

29 selection Combo Vending Machine

This 29 selection combo vending machine is sure to please. With 9 drink selections and 20 snack selections, your customers will find what they need in one convenient machine.

5 Wide Dual Zone Combo Vending Machine

Simple to set up and maintain, this 40 selections food and drink combo vending machine delivers ready, plug-in, price and operate functionality. 40 selection combo vending machine provides 10 candy, 10 cracker and 20 drink selections.

DZ3 Cold Food & Drink Vending Machine

Merging snack / drink vending into one machine allows it to house a wide variety of products for your smaller office locations. 25 Selection combo vending machine provides 7 chip, 6 candy - cracker and 12 drink selections.

5 Wide Single Zone Food – Drink Vending Machine

Merging food / drink vending into one machine, is Americans with Disabilities Act ready and energy efficient with LED lighting. 100% financing available, and pays for itself with just a few vends per day.

Outdoor 5W Single Zone

Rain guards, anti-pry covers and an impact resistant Lexan® window cover protect the merchandiser and the products inside. Drinks, food and snacks stay cool on the inside.

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