Other vending machine types

Looking for something to vend school supplies, cigarette products, coffee and more?

Multi-Zone Food

Multi-Zone Food Refrigerated and Frozen Food Vending Machine.

SB256 Single Brew Pod Vendor With Mobile Payment

No cash to hassle with, no change to worry about makes this single serve coffee pod vending machine customer friendly. Maximize efficiency in the workplace by making it quick, easy, and convenient for employees to stay caffeinated.

SB256 Single Brew Pod Vendor

Built in the USA, the SB256 single brew pod vending machine has the simplicity and capacity to provide your customers with the single brew pod selections they want.

School Supplies

School supply vending machine has vend sensing technology to ensure product delivery. Has 5 flex trays featuring adjustable height and spacing making machine customizable to your products dimensions.

Machine pays for itself with only 5 vends per day!

Frozen Food

Frozen treats, sandwiches, meals or other frozen items are easy to vend in this frozen food vending machine.

Machine pays for itself with only 10 vends per day!

36 Tobacco Center

36 selections for tobacco products including cigarettes, cigars, lighters, gum, mints or other smoking or non smoking products.

Machine pays for itself with only 3 vends per day!

Coffee Vending Machine

With 36 different combinations, customers will be able to choose exactly what they want whether it's coffee, espresso, cappuccino, cafe latte, cafe mocha, or hot chocolate.

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